Antiperspirant products containing aluminium salts are effective, extensively evaluated and safe to use on a regular basis. This view is supported by a number of cancer experts, health charities and health authorities.

Aluminium salts have been used for over half a century as the active ingredient in antiperspirants to control sweat and associated body odour. In fact, the traditional use of aluminium to combat body odour dates back hundreds of years, in regions like Europe, Mexico, Thailand and Asia. Today, aluminium salts help millions of people around the world feel and smell fresh, and enjoy more self-confidence.

Various research studies have looked for a link between aluminium in antiperspirants and breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. However, cancer experts, charities and health authorities, including the US Food and Drug Administration and the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, say there is no convincing scientific evidence that the risk of breast cancer or Alzheimer’s increases with antiperspirant use.

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