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FAQ: Health and Antiperspirants

FAQ: Antiperspirants and health

Below are some frequently asked questions on health and safety aspects of using antiperspirants?

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Q: Are antiperspirants safe to use?

A: Yes. Antiperspirants have been used for more than fifty years as a safe and effective way to control sweat, body odour and to feel fresh. Manufacturers and regulatory bodies rigorously evaluate antiperspirants to ensure their products meet strict safety criteria before the products are made available to the public.

Q: Are there any known health or safety risks associated with antiperspirant use?

A: Research and independent studies have not shown any health or safety concerns associated with antiperspirant use. Some individuals experience sensitivity to the ingredients in antiperspirants, which can be triggered by the fragrance or perfume added to the products or other ingredients such as alcohol or aluminium salts.

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Q: Can antiperspirants cause breast cancer?

A: There is no convincing scientific evidence to support the claim that the risk of developing breast cancer increases with antiperspirant use. On the contrary, there is strong evidence to show that antiperspirants are safe and effective everyday products. There have been a number of research studies investigating the link between antiperspirants and breast cancer. However none of these studies provide conclusive evidence of antiperspirants increasing breast cancer risk.

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